Gardening Tips for Retirees

Spring is here. With spring comes new growth. For those that garden, it’s time to get back into it. However, as with most things, age can present new problems. Below are some tips to make gardening a bit easier.

Invest in raised beds. These raised beds can help save the back from exertion by keeping people from bending over as much. Tall raised beds make things like weeding, seeding, and harvesting easier.

Vertical gardening is also a good idea. Growing crops that can be grown upwards, such as anything that comes off a vine, can have the same benefits to people that raised beds have.

Keep proper posture when kneeling or squatting. When squatting, your heels should not lift off the ground. This creates extra strain on ligaments. If that position isn’t possible, try kneeling with just one knee down instead.

Work in the mornings and evenings when it’s cooler. This will cut down on the chances of heat stroke or exhaustion.

Gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding pastime for retirees. Keeping tips like these in mind can help keep it that way.


    TRACY SACRE, RN       

Owner, President at Proof of Care

Tracy Sacre, President & Owner of Proof of Care
Tracy is a Registered Nurse and the owner of Proof of Care, Vancouver’s leading home health company. After 20 years of nursing and 7 years of teaching caregivers, Tracy realized that the standard of care in the community for caregiving was desperately poor. In 2011 she took up the challenge and launched Proof of Care, which has gone on to provide care for hundreds of seniors, employ over 250 professional caregivers and lead the field by giving Canada’s best home care experiences daily.

Tracy can be found giving engaging speeches & seminars throughout Vancouver where she is fast becoming the authority on elder care in the home. While Tracy’s best known for her expertise in home care, her clients and staff share that her biggest impact comes from her ability to connect with seniors at an individual level and advocate for their physical and mental health.

Proof of Care service ranges from Companion Care, through to Personal Care, and Nursing – everything from keeping you company and helping with light housekeeping, to administering medications and changing dressings on wounds. All of these services are available in-home, or wherever home is – such as assisted living or long-term care living.

If you or an ageing loved one are considering Home Care Services in Vancouver, BC, please contact the caring staff at Proof of Care today on 604 986 2273, 24 hours a day.