Our Team

It happens slowly. So slowly in fact, that we hardly notice. Until one day, the wrinkles on the face of the person looking back at us in the mirror bely the youth still burning within. The abilities we’ve had for so long – our sight, our agility, our energy, our memory – we can no longer take for granted. The older we get, the more we have to rely on others. Compromises are made so we don’t impose. We give up some independence. We don’t want to be a burden – a task for those who help us. PROOF of CARE understands.

Tracy Sacre

Tracy Sacré is a passionate entrepreneur and visionary in the home care sector. As a former Intensive Care Unit nurse and mother of two, Tracy has an intimate knowledge and understanding of how to care for those who, through the course of time or events, are unable to care for themselves. As an Instructor of Nursing at Vancouver Community College, she has an extensive knowledge about the latest research and advancements in nursing. Tracy’s RN background as well as her time working in Neurology and Stroke Research gives her valuable insight in to what might be happening to our loved ones. Tracy sits on the Board of Directors for the North Shore Keep Well Society. North Shore Keep Well Society’s purpose is to promote the health and well being of older adults living on the North Shore. To encourage seniors to help themselves and each other, to live in better health, to learn, and to expand their experiences of well-being. Keep Well’s purpose aligns with Tracy’s personal and professional goals, values and mission. Rather than doing business simply for profit, Tracy’s legacy is to change the way we care for our elderly, to add value to those who gave us values. Tracy’s warm, welcoming, approachable personality puts anyone who meets her instantly at ease…not to mention the way her laugh fills a room. Tracy was born and raised in North Vancouver, where she currently lives with her husband and two daughters.

After meeting with the Proof of Care team, it was clear that Ravi had similar values and vision for what quality care should be. Ravi’s passion for exceptional healthcare makes her the ideal nurse to manage our complex scheduling needs and to support our clients and staff with her wealth of knowledge and endless enthusiasm. A graduate of Sprott Shaw College, Ravi has exceeded as a nurse specializing in senior care. Ravi is focused on providing the best possible experiences for not only our clients, but also for our world-class staff.

An accomplished administrator, Amanda is the key to our daily operations. She keeps a close eye on our transaction and accounts and is always available to help any client with an inquiry.