Author: Sam Grant

Legal Documents Family Caregivers Should Have

Family caregivers are responsible for taking care of their older loved ones. Occasionally this responsibility may require legal documentation to help make care easier. Having the following documents on hand may reduce future headaches. • A Will: This document should lay out what loved ones want to do with their property once they are gone.[…]

Signs of When It’s Time to Stop Driving

Talking to a loved one about when it’s time to stop driving is a hard conversation to have. However, it’s an important one to be had. Since this topic can open a can of worms, make sure that there is a reason to suspect that your loved one may be a dangerous driver. Below are[…]

Family Caregivers: Tips for Planning a Successful Outing

For caregivers, planning an outing for your loved one might seem daunting. However, with proper steps, outings can be less stressful and more fun for the one you are caring for. Outings are important as being outside and social are important aspects of life. We’ll outline some tips below. Look into the Venue Before You[…]

The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Recent studies find that learning a musical instrument can be one of the best workouts for our mind and cognition. In addition, research shows that it can also benefit us physically as we age and of course we all know that music is good for the soul. A study from Northwestern University reveals that musicians[…]

The Benefits of Lemon Water

  We all know the importance of drinking water for our health, but did you know occasionally adding a splash of lemon to your glass of water provides these health benefits? Aids digestion – As we age, the acid in our stomach that aids in digestion declines. The acid from the lemons can supplement our[…]

How to avoid being scammed

You Just Won! Send Money Now! How to Avoid Being Scammed Sound familiar? Any time you see these words (or a variation thereof) you should be on the alert for a scam. Seniors are especially targeted by scammers. Older people are often more trusting, more affluent, and available during the day, when many scammers call.[…]

Congratulations to Kyle!

Proof of Care would like to congratulate Kyle for being awarded the “Serving Clients With Integrity’ award in December 2017! Kyle has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of care, compassion and integrity. Kyle is a skilled caregiver and a valued member of the Proof of Care team. Well Done Kyle!

Caregiver Pay Increases Announced At Proof of Care

Proof of Care is thrilled to announce a sweeping range of pay increases to our beloved Caregivers in December. In committing to our one of our core company values of ‘Be the best employer’ by investing in our wealth of wonderful Caregivers with a well-earned increase in pay for all Caregiving staff. Proof of Care[…]

Proof Telephony Announcement!

Dear wonderful Customers & Clients of Proof of Care, Every day, Proof of Care Caregivers are in the field bringing compassionate care to our beloved Clients, and having a fail-safe system of trust can put the entire team, and you, at ease. Our new dependable ‘Proof Telephony’ system can provide that trust and transparency. Today[…]