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Happy Birthday to our Care Pod Director, Kayla

Happy birthday to our wonderful Care Pod Director, Kayla! Thank you, Kayla for being a part of the Proof Of Care team. Wishing you all the best this year and a smooth transition for the new addition to your family! ‪#‎BeTheProof‬ ‪#‎ProofOfCare‬

Caregiver Appreciation Day

Day 1 of Proof of Care‘s Caregiver Appreciation Day! A warm thanks to all our amazing caregivers who work hard to incorporate positivity and love into our clients’ lives! ❤We appreciate all you do! #BeTheProof#CaregiverAppreciation #SpreadTheLove                                 

A Parfait Bar at the Proof of Care office

A delicious office breakfast prepared by our lovely Care Pod Director, Stacey! It’s the extra little things that make working at Proof of Care so wonderful!     #BeTheProof #SpreadTheLove

Happy Birthday Kerry

Happy Birthday to our amazing Director of Administration, Kerry! Our PoC family would be truly lost without her – her magnetic and bubbly personality keeps us together both in and out of the office. Thank you, Kerry for being such an amazing friend to us all, we are so truly thankful to have you in[…]

Farewell Tynan

It is with heavy hearts we send this beautiful member of the POC family back to school! We are beyond words at what a wonderful experience it was to have Tynan as our assistant care coordinator on team POC. She faced challenges with ease, and always welcomed us with a smiling face. We wish her all[…]

A Healthy Twist on Lunch

Stacey, our lovely Care Pod Director, made us all zoodle lunches today in the office. The zoodle device can be used to make anything into spaghetti noodles, such as zucchinis, carrots, cucumbers, squash, and much more! Use today to harvest BC’s fresh fruits and vegetables and live a healthy lifestyle! ‪#‎betheproof

August Birthdays

Today Tracy Sacre planned a team brunch at Cactus Club Cafe for a summer celebration. Happy Birthday to two of our amazing Proof of Care family members – Kelcey, our Care Coordinator, and Stacey, our Care Pod Director. Thank you two for all that you do, PoC would not be the same without you! ‪#‎betheproof

Goodbye to Anya

Wishing the very best for one of our amazing caregivers as she leaves POC to pursue a new adventure – Thank you for all that you have done for us Anya, you will be very missed! #betheproof

Health Care Assistant grad honoured at CapU

Be sure to check out one of our amazing caregivers Anya Garcia Sadler featured in the CapU News!

Welcome to the Proof of Care Staff Blog

Hello and welcome to the Proof of Care Staff Blog. Here we’ll discuss the goings on in and around Proof of Care, important care information, and more!