Proof of Care's Advisory Board


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Our Advisory Board is a supportive group of experts who help further our mission at Proof of Care. Together, the four directors act as an active and influential body of leadership, influence, and support for our company. To do so, these qualified professionals consult Proof of Care on issues that have the most significant impact on the accomplishment of our mission and vision so we can consistently raise the bar in in service excellence.

Dr. Gelfer has been a family physician for 30 years, and is now practicing primary care at the Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver, focusing on Preventive Medicine.  He completed his medical degree at the University of Toronto and his Family Medicine residency at the University of Ottawa. He served as President of the British Columbia College of Family Physicians in 1987-89.

Dr. Gelfer has expertise in the diagnosis and management of hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors. He was the Founder and Medical Director of VSM MedTech Ltd., and developed the BpTRU™, an instrument for assessing hypertension in the clinical setting. He is currently a member of the Canadian Hypertension Education Program Recommendations Task Force, is an investigator in a number of national clinical trials and consults to the medical device industry.

Mark is the founding member of the law firm Sager Legal Advisors LLP and former mayor of West Vancouver. He is heavily involved in the community and the arts and is a proud supporter of the Kay Meek Centre as well as a founder of the Harmony Arts Festival. Mark currently sits on the board for Sechelt Innovations Ltd. and the North Shore Mayors Golf Tournament.

He enjoys diversity in his work and investments and, while remaining active in his law practice, also works with several land development projects, imports olive oil and is working on two films to bring to development and production.

Jon Rothbart is a strategic advisor to Proof of Care. He is a management consultant and investor that advises corporate clients on issues of strategic importance and owner-leaders on the development of equity value in their businesses.

In the past, Jon has been the Chief Operations Officer at AfroCentric Investment Corporation, an investment holding company listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, and an Engagement Manager with McKinsey&Company, the global strategy consultancy.

Jon has an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management and a BVSc (Veterinary) from the University of Pretoria.

Declan is the President of Trident Performance Sports Inc. Established in 1995, Trident Sports is an action sports marketing and distribution company specializing in Surf, Kiteboard, Windsurf, Standup, and Bike products. Their network services retailers across North America and the Caribbean.

Declan remains personally active in the action sports lifestyle, both on the water and in the mountains. Declan has been very influential in the strategic vision of Proof of Care and he is very happy to be a part of Proof’s Advisory Board.

Alvaro Peralta believes one doesn’t “achieve” success – one has to continuously live it. An entrepreneurial, empathetic, and forthright coach and facilitator, Alvaro has extensive experience supporting business owners and their teams to successfully navigate transitions in all stages of their businesses. His goal is to help clients experience fulfillment by constantly clarifying what decisions they control and to take the steps necessary to exercise that control.

In 2005, Alvaro – well into his 17 years as a successful restaurateur – was exposed to executive coaching and experienced first-hand the profound changes that a skilled, trusted advisor can provide. Since then, he has established a solid track record for achieving results through a laser-sharp focus that quickly gets to the crux of the matter, whether it relates to a balance sheet or a balanced life. With studies in multiple styles of executive and business coaching, sales training, leadership development, and facilitation he has been able to support CEOs, sales teams, and entrepreneurs in reducing overwhelming stress and achieving control of their destiny. He excels in issue processing that leads to action by asking the tough questions that align next steps with the larger vision.

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I think Proof of Care is excellent. Very efficient, very friendly, very caring. I look forward to each visit.

Penny S. from West Vancouver