ADP Small Business Grant Contest

Happy Tuesday folks!

The Proof of Care team has entered the ADP Small Business Grant Contest that gives our company a chance to win $10,000!

The $10,000 would allow Proof of Care to give back to the selfless care providers that give up so much of their lives to come and work for us. We at Proof of Care want to be able to give our caregivers scholarships to upgrade schooling allowing them the ability to work as Registered Nurses in Canada. Our caregivers do it out of love for our clients and also their families that they are supporting back home.

1. Click this link: 2. Search “Proof of Care Inc.” 3. Log into your Facebook account (Facebook account required) 4. VOTE! *once daily* 5. SHARE our story to your friends, family, and colleagues! #BeTheProof #ADPContest

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