Anya – Caregiver of the Month for May, 2015

testimonials she receives about the positive impact she makes, forming effortless bonds with many she works with she is an anchor for many families. Anya has a passion for music and plans on furthering her education to become a registered nurse in the future. With a down to earth friendliness she shares her heart and makes herself available to meet all of her client’s needs putting them at ease effortlessly. She rearranges her personal schedule if needed to better accommodate clients or pick up shifts and never complains, we can always count on and rely on Anya! She goes above and beyond demonstrating great communication with both the clients and us here at the office, ensuring all of her client’s needs are met. Anya is an exemplary caregiver who is well liked and respected, we are grateful for her strong abilities and compassionate nature. Congratulations Anya!

Visit the Capilano University website here to learn more about the Health Care Assistant program they offer!

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