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November is National Home Care & Hospice Month

November is National Home Care and Hospice Month. Millions of people, from family caregivers to nurses to home health aides dedicate their time and compassion to helping older adults with injury, illness, or disability live independently at home for as long as possible.

As the senior population continues to rise, the need for adult home care providers is increasing. In addition, there is a growing trend towards providing as much care as possible in the home setting. As a home care provider, we offer non-medical assistance such as meal preparation, medication reminders, and grooming assistance to our clients.

A few facts from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice:

• Home care providers will travel about 8 billion miles to deliver the best health care per year.

• Ninety percent of people want to age in place, and home care is the preferred method of health care delivery among the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill.

• Home care provides high-quality, compassionate care to more than 5 million people annually.

We would like to salute our caring team for the support, companionship, and compassionate help you provide. We are proud of our employees for enriching the lives of our patients and families every day. Please give us a call if you or someone you love can benefit from home care services.


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