Proof of Care: Senior In-Home care service launches today



Technology and medical expertise meet to offer real-time updates to loved ones

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 19, 2012 – North Shore nurse Tracy Sacré today announced the launch of her senior in-home care business called Proof of Care. Now that the company is almost a year old and serving several dozen seniors on Vancouver’s North Shore, the former Intensive Care Unit nurse and Instructor of Nursing at Vancouver Community College wants Vancouverites to know they have options when it comes to finding the right care for their elderly loved-ones.

Proof of Care services range from Companion Care through to Personal Care and Nursing and encompass everything from keeping a senior company and helping with light housekeeping to administering medications, IV therapy maintenance and changing dressings on wounds. Proof of Care caregivers also tend to seniors both in their own homes and at assisted living or long-term care facilities.

“As a nurse of 18 years and active Nursing Instructor I intimately understand what needs to go into providing exceptional quality care for seniors,” says Tracy Sacré RN, owner of Proof of Care. “I also understand that the senior’s loved ones need to be kept in the loop and reassured their mother or father is getting the best care possible which is why our caregivers are all hand-selected by me, largely from the pool of nurses I teach, and we report online and in real-time. At Proof of Care the checks and balances are extensive, transparent and monitored.”

At every visit, Proof of Care caregivers arrive with an iPad and personalized care plan in hand and report in real-time on the senior’s schedule, care, home situation and more. Sacré plans to add photography capabilities early in the new year so her caregivers can include in their reports photos of the senior, their home, a medical concern, or simply a photo of their client enjoying a meal or cup of tea.

“My mother really wanted to stay in her home which was becoming increasingly difficult and stressful until we found Proof of Care,” says a client named Wendy. “Since Proof of Care started daily visits with my mother eight months ago, she’s never been happier and neither have we. My siblings and I have real-time access to daily reports from anywhere in the world, my mother’s apartment is spotless, her fridge is full and most importantly, she has someone checking in on her daily and providing both medical care and companionship. This is a huge weight off our shoulders, especially since many of us live out of town.”

When selecting care services for an elderly loved-one, Sacré says: “There are of course the standard things to consider when selecting care services but it’s critical to go above the basics to make sure the care you are choosing, and paying for, is nothing short of exceptional.”

Sacré recommends considering the following when conducting a care services search:

  1. Are the caregivers the company hires highly trained by a Canadian accredited school?

  2. Does the company offer a family-focused philosophy of care delivery such as including the whole family in the plan of care or providing general support to everyone during a difficult time?

  3. Does the company offer continual education and training to its caregivers? If so, what and how often?

  4. Are the company and its caregivers highly available and flexible to accommodate the unexpected such as having a nurse urgently attend the residence of a client to support the family in an acute situation or to quickly arrange extra care needed at the last minute?

  5. Is the patient’s care plan personalized and tailored to their specific needs?

  6. Do they treat the entire person using a client-centered care model? Care plans should be tailored to each client’s interests, habits and desires, not just their medical needs. What gives your loved ones joy and comfort should be of the utmost importance.

  7. Will the company work with you to respond to urgent and evolving needs? With seniors things rarely stay static.

  8.  Are there daily consultative reviews of the care plan? This is critical in order to monitor the care and daily changing needs of your loved one.

  9. Does the company pay its caregivers top wage and enable them to have work-life balance? A caregiver working two jobs to make ends meet will simply be too exhausted to go the extra mile for your loved-one.

  10. Examine whether the company has a desire to redefine home health care or are they only in it to capitalize on the approaching ‘grey tsunami’? The motivations of the company are very telling.


Proof of Care is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia and provides customtailored care to seniors. The company’s services range from Companion Care, through to Personal Care, and Nursing – everything from keeping a senior company and helping with light housekeeping, to administering medications and changing dressings on wounds. Services are available in-home or wherever home is – such as assisted living or long-term care living. Visit www.proofofcare.comfor more information.

For additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

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