Proof Telephony Announcement!

Dear wonderful Customers & Clients of Proof of Care,

Every day, Proof of Care Caregivers are in the field bringing compassionate care to our beloved Clients, and having a fail-safe system of trust can put the entire team, and you, at ease. Our new dependable ‘Proof Telephony’ system can provide that trust and transparency. Today we are proud to announce an enhancement of our service offering in introducing our new Proof Telephony timekeeping system release. This is a complimentary service to all existing and new Clients, active before the end of April 2017.

Tracy Sacré, President and Founder of Proof of Care, commented, “We are thrilled that our new Proof Telephony solution will improve the timeliness and accuracy of visit-related information; streamline task completion assurance and overall field staff management; and support Proof of Care’s unique Integrated Services Model. Our new Proof Telephony system represents a significant advance for our Clients and for Proof of Care, allowing us to more effectively meet the home-based needs of the individuals we serve.”

Proof Telephony is a computerized system for documenting our in-home Caregiver’s arrival at a Client’s home, their services rendered while there and their departure. Each Caregiver logs in upon arrival to a Client’s home by making a toll free call from the Client’s phone and another immediately prior to their departure. In order to be recognized by the telephony system, the call must originate from the Client’s home phone number – this collects caller ID and the exact date and time of the call, giving Proof of Care staff a direct view of the appointment & ensuring the Caregiver can be verified as ‘on location’. Working seamlessly with our ‘Proof Interactive’ internet-based Client portal. Through Proof Telephony, Proof of Care knows in real time that our Caregivers are on time and completing their services as scheduled. Our Proof Telephony system is monitored 7 days a week by Proof of Care staff. In the event an attendant is more than 15 minutes late to a Client appointment, our schedulers will contact both the Client and Caregiver via phone, and if necessary, dispatch another Caregiver to ensure our Client receives the assistance they require. You can count on Proof of Care to be there when you need us.

Our new Proof Telephony system gives you: ✓ Assurance to family members that Caregivers are on site, on time. ✓ Increased Caregiver accountability and reliability. ✓ More accurate care logs & timekeeping. ✓ Real-time transparency of Caregiver clock-in & clock-out times. ✓ Daily Tasks read to Caregivers at the start of each shift. ✓ Detailed written charting, notation & task completions continue to show in the ‘Proof Interactive’ family portal, via your existing login. ✓ No additional fee for Proof Telephony. ✓ Helping put the ‘Proof’ in Proof of Care

Beyond basic attendance, the Proof Telephony system can collect and disseminate other information as well. Caregivers can record tasks completed, leave messages, listen to messages left by Proof of Care Management, or even other Caregivers to ensure continuity of care. The clock-in & clock-out information is available in real time via the Proof Interactive family portal, ensuring peace of mind care that your loved one is receiving care as promised, and creating a tight synergy between families and Proof of Care to ensure good outcomes for our Clients.

Using our Proof Telephony system in association with Proof Interactive allows you to set important tasks and activities of daily for your loved one. With Proof of Care’s Proof Interactive software, assigned daily tasks will be read out to your Caregivers via telephony, as well as issued to each Caregiver via smartphone or tablet. Caregivers must confirm completion of these tasks before they can clock out of their shift, as well as general status updates, or comments explaining why a task was not completed. This is yet another way we can provide real-time transparency for family members. Please speak with our office team to add or modify daily task & preferences for your loved one – the more details we can give to your Caregivers, the better care they can provide.

At Proof of Care, we are serious about providing the best possible care, and being able to prove it. This new Proof Telephony offering brings more peace of mind, trust & clarity to our Clients care, and is provided at no extra cost to our clients!

Kindest regards,

The Proof of Care Team

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