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Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology can lend a helping hand, enabling seniors to live independently in their homes while providing their families with peace of mind. Most Americans today use technology and enjoy the conveniences they provide. Some older adults still don’t have much use for it, but they don’t have to like technology or be tech-savvy to benefit from the many smart home devices that can help them age in place.

Smart home devices provide family members and caregivers the ability to keep tabs on loved ones when they can’t be there, which provides peace of mind. Most smart home products will need to connect to Wi-Fi, and for many, either a smartphone, tablet, or voice-enabled assistant is needed to operate them.

What are some of the smart home devices available? • Voice-enable assistant: Popular products like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant will operate compatible smart home products with simple voice commands. For example; check the weather, play music, make calls, provide medicine reminders, and find a recipe. • Smart lights: Smart bulbs can be a useful way to help older adults light their living areas. Some smart lights provide hands-free options and schedules to control when lights are on and off. Good night lights prevent falls and bedroom factures. • Stovetop shut-off: This device prevents home cooking fires and uses motion sensors to turn off electric or gas stovetops when left unattended for a certain time. • Other smart devices include, medication management, home monitoring, smart door locks, and fall alerts.

When choosing a smart home device, it’s best to keep it simple. Make sure to include Grandpa when setting up the device and take time to show him how to use it. After all, spending time together is the best gift of all.

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