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Let Our Experts

Recruit Top Talent

For Your

Private Care

Self Managed Care, Directly Employed By You.

Managed By You.

Recruited By Us.

Your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why each client works directly with a compassionate Care Manager whose sole purpose is to develop the right plan and ensure that the highest level of at-home care is provided by every caregiver who enters the home. Each of the following Levels of Care can be customized for your frequency of care needs.

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Proof Private

Self-Managed Care, Directly Employed By You.

With Proof Private, you are able to choose the services you want, from whom, when and at what price. 

A Proof of Care Care Manager will meet with you in person, perform a thorough assessment of your needs, create a detailed care plan for your Caregivers to follow, then will use our decade of Caregiver talent identification to recruit between 1 and 3 Caregivers that meet your specific needs. 

From there it's over to you. You meet with each Caregiver, negotiate an employment agreement and you take over as both employer and Care Manager from that point onwards. 

With Proof Private, you are able to continue living independently in your own home and remain connected with your community, while maintaining full control of your expenses and care management.

Career Caregivers Vs.

Experienced Caregivers.

​Included with Proof Premium:

  • Private hire recruitment and placement.

  • Support for employment contracts, legal & insurance advice.

  • Recommendations on rates of pay.

  • Nurse assessments and detailed care plans.

  • Recommendations of caregiver skills and education.

  • Create care plans for existing private caregivers.

  • 1-3 caregivers recommended.

  • 1 free additional recommendation within 90 days.

  • Care management tools.

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Proof Private

Proof Private is priced at $999 for first time clients and $499 for repeat clients that have previously used Proof Private services within the prior 12 months. 

Contact us on 604 986 2273 today to speak with us about Proof Private.

Trusted care, when you need it.

Whether you’re in need of on-going round-the-clock care or are just looking for a short-term solution, all in-home care plans can be customized for the frequency that meets your specific needs.

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