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Proudly Vancouver
Owned & Operated.

Proof of Care is not your average home care agency. For us, it’s not simply about placing a caregiver in the home. We take a holistic approach to at-home care that focuses on both accomplishing the tasks of daily living and improving the overall wellbeing of each individual entrusted to our care.

Trusted care. Local expertise.

Proudly not a franchise, Proof of Care is a boutique agency that has its roots deep in Vancouver's soil. Founded by Tracy Sacré, our vision for homecare is our own and inspired by Tracy's decades of experience at Lion's Gate Hospital, combined with her passion for educating the next generation of Career Caregivers to provide an inspiring, attentive and educated brand of care.

For us, care is far more than 'just being there'.

As simple as that observation is, it is at the core of what we do. Our primary objective is to bring more enjoyment to the lives of those who find it increasingly difficult to function well on their own. We remove the burden of stress from both the person needing assistance, as well as those who love and care for them. We help people maintain their dignity and their independence and we protect and care for those who are unable to do so themselves. We help people function better. We help people enjoy life more. We do all of this by working as a team to provide reliable and compassionate in-home care that goes so far beyond typical franchised adult care services.

It's About Trust.

Learn about the heart behind Proof of Care.

Working together as a team.

Our clients begin at-home care for a wide range of reasons. Whether recovering from an injury, living with a disability or simply growing older, the familiarity and comfort of continuing to live at home can be tremendously important to emotional wellbeing. With our unique approach to in-home care, our specially trained team of Caregivers and Care Managers advocate for both you and your loved ones in order to provide the highest level of comfort, compassion and care through open communication and personalized care management.


Responsive Care Managers

Proof of Care assigns each client a dedicated Care Manager whose sole purpose is to ensure the highest level of customized in-home care to meet your needs and your budget. Your Care Manager will initiate a comprehensive needs assessment and create a personalized care plan regarding:

Once a plan is in place, your Care Manager will monitor daily care logs and maintain regular contact with everyone involved to ensure each client’s physical and emotional wellbeing. And because life can be unpredictable, your Care Manager can also recommend or make adjustments to your care plan at any time, as needed.

Compassionate & Trustworthy Caregivers

As a home care agency founded by a Nurse, we put the utmost importance on providing at-home caregivers who are knowledgeable, kind, patient and trustworthy. We understand the complexities of the aging process and other home health variables that can affect the physical and emotional demands of each specific case. Whether we’re providing companionship or complex care, we know that no two situations are alike. Our Care Managers strive to select the Caregivers who best suit each client’s personality and specific care needs. And because we put a high priority on both safety and quality, all Proof of Care Caregivers are fully screened, pass a stringent RCMP check and have excellent references, and undergo comprehensive competency testing. 


Meet the Team

Say hello to some of the trained professionals dedicated to managing your care needs. 

Award-Winning Expertise

you can trust.

Providing quality in-home care is not just about checking boxes for showing up on time, helping a client get dressed, or making sure the dishes are washed and put away. At Proof of Care, we believe that the heart of home care is to truly get to know each individual, quickly adjust to changing needs, and anticipate potential obstacles before they arise. We believe that every person deserves respect and compassion and should be allowed to feel at home in their own home. And we believe in providing cost-effective flexible in-home assistance and elderly care solutions that range from companion care and basic assistance to complex care and nursing support.

In fact, Proof of Care has been recognized with many awards, including 'Best Home Care Provider', 2021, 'Best Home Care West Vancouver 2019' and 'Best Independent Custom Home Healthcare Provider - 2019 & 2020' 

These endorsements recognizes our commitment to quality and providing outstanding client and caregiver satisfaction.

Best Home Care - VSSE.png
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We care for people

living with

  • Alzheimer’s

  • Anxiety

  • Aphasia

  • Asthma

  • Blindness

  • Broken hip

  • Cancer

  • CHF

  • COPD

  • Dementia

  • Disability

  • Domestic Assistance 

  • Emphysema

  • Fatigue

  • Home Nursing Care

  • Palliative Care

  • Parkinson’s Disease Care

  • Personal Care

  • Overnight Home Care

  • Respite Care

  • 24-Hour Aged Care


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