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Determining Eligibility for Public or Private Care

Determining the need for home care involves various considerations and factors, and reaching out at the right time can significantly impact the process.

Initial Signs: Difficulty with activities of daily living (ADLs), frequent falls, medication mismanagement, declining health, forgetfulness, isolation, or the need for assistance that family members or friends can't fully provide.

Exclusion Factors: Generally, severe behavioral issues or situations where a person is in immediate danger might exclude them from certain types of care.

Determining Eligibility: Public Health

  • You need a referral to community care from a GP, hospitalist or Nurse practitioner

  • Eligibility is based on factors such as age, health conditions, and support requirements and a financial assessment.

Determining Eligibility: Private Home

  • Whether you need housekeeping, personal care, companionship, Nursing care, company for a doctor’s appointment etc. You don’t need a referral, you can start care almost immediately.

Initial Assessment: Public Health

  • A registered nurse or a case manager will visit your home to evaluate your needs.

  • They will assess your functional abilities, health conditions, medication requirements, and social support.

This assessment will determine how much and how often you receive care.

Initial Assessment: Private care

  • A nurse from Proof of Care will perform a home safety assessment as well as determine your needs and WANTS

This assessment is just to get a better understanding of what care you may need.

Scheduling: Public Health

 The Care Manager will coordinate with you to schedule the start of your home care services.

  • Caregivers and healthcare professionals will be assigned based on your needs.

  • Schedules will vary within 2-3 hour blocks – Times are Caregivers are often not consistent 

Scheduling: Private home

  • Caregivers and healthcare professionals will be assigned to you based on your preferences.

  • You will receive caregiving services at the previously agreed time. Timings and Caregivers are almost always consistent. 

Starting Care & Ongoing Management: Public Health 

  • You can contact the Nursing supervisors for any concerns or changes in condition.

  •  does a yearly review of your care needs and home support order (hours)

Starting Care & Ongoing Management: Private Home

  • We have management staff on call 24/7 for any emergencies. 

  • You can contact our office whenever needed during office hours to discuss and modify care plans

  • Daily review of charting completed by caregivers and follow-up based off of the information provided.

In Summary

Public-Funded Home Care: Eligibility for public-funded home care often depends on specific criteria set by the government or healthcare authorities. This could include factors such as the individual's health condition, income level, age, and the level of care needed. Some regions prioritize care for those with greater needs or limited financial resources.

Private Home Care: Private home care services are available to individuals who can afford to pay for them. There are typically no specific eligibility criteria beyond the ability to cover the costs of services.

Public-Funded Home Care: Services offered through public-funded home care can vary but often include basic healthcare services, personal care, nursing, therapy, and assistance with activities of daily living. The range of services provided may be influenced by government policies and budget allocations.

Private Home Care: Private home care services offer a wide range of customizable services tailored to individual needs. These services can include basic companionship, personal care, household chores, nursing care, medication management, and specialized care for specific medical conditions.


Public-Funded Home Care: Limited resources and high demand might lead to waiting lists or restricted services.

Private Home Care: Private home care services can offer more flexibility in scheduling, continuity of care, and a wider range of options. 

Ultimately, the choice between public-funded and private home care often depends on individual needs, financial circumstances, the level of care required, and personal preferences regarding the type and quality of services desired.


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