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What to Do After Your Doctor Visit

Visiting your doctor is often only a first step to good health. What you do next can be even more important. Here are some tips to help you get the care you need:

  1. Ask your doctor’s office to notify you when your next visit or recommended health screenings should happen.

  2. Put an appointment reminder on your calendar or use a smartphone app.

  3. If medications have been prescribed, take them exactly as prescribed. Don’t quit early or change the dosage without consulting the doctor. If you have obstacles to taking the meds such as costs, side effects, or just remembering to take them, discuss this with your doctor.

  4. Don’t be too busy to go to your appointment. Remember to put your health first.

  5. If you have questions or concerns between visits, call your doctor’s office. They can help answer your questions and adjust any medications you’re taking.

  6. If you’re worried you can’t afford care, ask your doctor about ways to lower the cost of medication and services.

  7. Don’t be scared. By getting the preventive care that is right for you, your doctor is more likely to find an illness or problem early and help you get better faster.


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