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Keeping a Food Journal

A notepad with a list of food items written on it, an ink pen, a fork, and an apple with measuring tape around it with text "The Role of a Food Diary"

What exactly is a food diary? A food diary or journal is a record of foods that are eaten on a meal-by-meal, daily, or weekly basis. The diary can include nutrition, carbohydrates, calories, fat content, sugars, or other dietary information to help organize and track foods by group, and so forth.

A food journal is a record that helps us maintain a daily log of what we eat, when we eat, what foods we eat, and the amount of calories we take in.

Some tips for successful journaling: • Write down “everything” as soon as it is consumed • Be as specific as possible, include amounts and serving sizes • Include snacks, salad dressings, condiments, – “EVERYTHING” • Include a brief description of mood and thoughts before eating • Choose a journal format – notebook, a computer spreadsheet, or smartphone “app”

Keeping a food diary or journal can be very informative and may even help shed some unwanted pounds. In order to be successful with a food diary, the diary needs to tell the truth. Nothing is gained by cheating. Happy journaling!

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